July 16, 2024
What You Should Know About Torchlight Infinite SS5 Expansion? – Boss, Legendary Equipment, Outfits And More

In Torchlight Infinite, have you felt the relentless ticking of the clock, driving you to the brink of despair? Have you missed legendary opportunities, watching them disappear like shadows in the night? Have you ever mourned the passage of time, feeling it slip through your fingers like grains of sand?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you might as well enter Clockwork Ballet, a realm where time bends to your will, making you the master of your fate. You mainly use an ancient power to control the nature of time itself. Welcome to Clockwork Ballet!

This guide will cover some of the new content in Clockwork Ballet, giving you a head start before July 4th! In addition, before entering Torchlight Infinite SS5 Expansion Clockwork Ballet, players need to be reminded that they must buy Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium to strengthen your character to achieve the best gaming experience!

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

New Hero Traits

Carino – A Flaming Red Gatling Gunner

When hope for revenge is dashed, Carino transforms from a noble ranger who upholds justice to a ruthless war zealot. Obsessed with revenge, he seamlessly switches between different combat modes, choosing maneuver or annihilation to destroy his enemies. Even when his ammunition is depleted, Carino’s fury knows no bounds – he continues to unleash a powerful and relentless barrage of firepower, ensuring no enemy escapes his relentless pursuit.

Season-Specific Gameplay

Grab Gears From Dolls

The rules of the game are that the hunters go to the alien map and collect gears within a limited time. As long as they get close to the gears, they will automatically activate and wake up the doll employees. Don’t think too much, knock down all the doll employees guarding the gears, and you can get the gear coupons and Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium inside the gears.

Win SSS Super High Scores

As you continue to defeat the doll employees or get more gear coupons, the member challenge rating of this game will also increase. The club provides 9 challenge ratings from F to SSS. In the end, the gear coupons will be exchanged for the basic rewards of this game, and the challenge rating determines how many times the basic rewards can be multiplied.

The score can also bring a bonus to the number of global drops, and combined with other gameplay in the alien world, the final amount of Torchlight Infinite Currency would be more substantial.

Club Members Come To Recognize Each Other

The club provides differentiated membership services and membership rights. The combination of 4 levels of membership services, varying gear quality and 9 challenge ratings will bring different variables to each game. As the number of challenges accumulates, more membership benefits will be unlocked, enabling you to increase the difficulty of challenges and adjust the rules of the game flexibly in exchange for more generous rewards.

Season-Exclusive BOSS

When you unlock exclusive membership services such as Clockwork Ballet Ticket, you will meet Torchlight’s new boss, Silverwing Danseuse. She will invite all members to perform a dangerous dance on her sword, accompanied by her personal dancers.

New Legendary Equipment

Several new legendary items were introduced in Clockwork Ballet Season, but three in particular deserve a special mention:

Three Steps

  • Required level: 58
  • Equipment category: Agility Boots
  • When stationary, trigger (10-20) level aiming, 1 second interval
  • When starting to move, trigger (10-20) level phantom step, 1 second interval
  • When moving, trigger (10-20) level stone skin, 1 second interval

Time Passage

  • Required level: 68
  • Equipment category: Ring
  • Consume 10% of current health and shields per second
  • + (20-30)% cooldown recovery speed, – (80-80)% abnormal status duration
  • For each abnormal status or control status caused recently, add + (3-3)% damage (multiply)

Time Of Oath

  • Required level: 68
  • Equipment category: Ring
  • Restore 10% of lost health and shields per second
  • + (20-30)% skill duration, – (80 -80)% cooldown recovery speed
  • For each abnormal status or control status the enemy has, add – (3-3)% damage (multiply)

New Pactspirits

Alice 1

The first model in Alice series, with a chance to help hunters skip battles and get extra rewards.

Iron Lion

A new combat companion for hunters who love projectiles not only provides support for projectile speed and quantity, but also has knock back-related effects.

New Outfits

Teleport Effect – Palm of Demon God

Switch gestures according to the number of challenges remaining at the current level. Five, four, three, two, one – when the last gesture falls, where will the demon god take you?

Experience Optimization

Divinity Slates will grow more smoothly, providing hunters with continuous motivation for progress.

Legendary Equipment Overhaul

Developer further eliminate the gap between legendary equipment and crafted equipment:

Netherrealm Adjustment

First, the trait cards of Netherrealm’s Trait Cards were removed and replaced with Netherrealm Talent System Void Starmap.

Secondly, there are about twenty Talent Star clusters in Void Starmap. Each Talent Star cluster has an independent theme and corresponding Talent Tree. The themes include Season-exdusive Gameplay, Six Gods Gameplay, and themes that produce distinct drops.

The different Talent Nodes in Star Map will change the combat experience in Netherrealm stages, greatly increase the drops, and provide a richer and more stable map-clearing strategy.

After learning about the entire Torchlight Infinite SS5 Expansion Clockwork Ballet, are you looking forward to the official version released on July 4? I hope you have fun playing the game!