July 16, 2024
How to Find the Best Properties for Rent in the UAE

The UAE offers an excellent quality of life for expats and nationals alike. With any area that enjoys a high quality of living, this can often come with higher price tags for things like rented properties. The rental market in the UAE is a thriving one, and what you can get for your money is truly impressive. It is a good idea to do some research to find out what kinds of property are available and what the general cost of renting will be. 

It is important to remember that different areas of the UAE will come with different rental price tags, so spread your search out if value for money is your priority. The best properties in the UAE will often come onto and leave the market very quickly, so you should be prepared to move fast once you find a suitable option. 

Ask Colleagues And Friends For Recommendations

This is a crucial option for expats new to the UAE rental market. As soon as you arrive in your new role, start asking colleagues and other friends or acquaintances to let you know if they see any suitable rental properties. Advice from someone local can be invaluable for helping you to an excellent property in the UAE.  

Search On Property Websites

There are some excellent property sites that can help you get an idea of the options out there. Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties LLC are a property management service with a website full of fantastic properties for rent in Abu Dhabi. Searching online allows you to get a better picture of the options available and give you a look inside the property before you view it. 

Check The Ads In Local Papers

Many property adverts run in the newspapers in the UAE, so make sure to pick up a regular copy of the different major publications. Check the ads daily and call to enquire about any that catch your attention as soon as possible. 

Keep An Eye Out For To-Let Signs

Another great way to find possible properties is by looking for to-let signs when out and about. You could consider driving to a neighborhood that looks like it ticks all your boxes and see if you can find any properties to let. The signs will usually have the contact details of the landlord or agency, and this can be one of the best ways to be first through the door with a property opportunity. 

Move Quickly When You Find A Place

The rental market is hot in the UAE, so if you find a property, you should snap it up as soon as possible. Make sure to view any property before you apply for it to be sure that it matches with the pictures and description provided. 


The UAE rental market is one of the best in the world, and competition for the best properties can be fierce. For expats, in particular, it can often feel daunting to know how to find the best properties and what to look for when making your choice. You should always spread a wide net when looking for rental properties and consider all avenues to help you find the right choice.