June 15, 2024

Crane announces the inauguration of its new Engineered Check Valves factory in Satara, Maharashtra. 

The plant meets the stringent quality and product approvals and is capable of in-house machining for all offered size ranges. The facility offers in-house high-pressure gas and cryogenic testing for valves up to 72. Certified testing is also available per customers’ specific temperature or pressure requirements, detailing leak rates, as well as a graphical representation of the testing cycle. 

The new facility holds direct employment for approximately 100 associates, who support the requirements of a variety of industries within the chemical processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, and energy sectors, including renewable energy, and other emerging markets, such as hydrogen production.

“Crane India has been an influential force in the country through our contributions and investments in local communities over the past 30 years. Along with the new Engineered Check Valves factory inauguration, today we have also reaffirmed our partnership with the local NGO Maher by opening the next building within the Crane funded Maher Home complex for disadvantaged children in Satara.” said Hari Jinaga, President, Crane India. 

“The facilities that have been built here in Satara are best-in-class; our new Engineered Check Valves factory reflects digital transformation trends and feature a fully automated manufacturing process to ensure our products maintain the quality Crane is known for” he added.