July 16, 2024
BP Solar Panels – Examining BP SX305 Photovoltaic Photo voltaic Module

It is quite funny when you consider about how a petroleum based enterprise has a division offering photo voltaic systems as nicely. It is type of like a company oxymoron.

British Petroleum (BP), a person of the world’s major oil creating enterprise has a individual division that makers environmentally friendly engineering solutions, BP Photo voltaic.

One particular of the parts they make is the entry degree Photovoltaic (PV) module, the SX305. The BP SX 305 is a 5 watt solar module built from large performance silicon nitride multi-crystalline silicon cells.

Efficiency wise, it is rated at 5 watt with a 10% electric power tolerance. For this reason, its real highest power output on a obvious sunny day is all over 4.5 watt. The nominal voltage for the SX305 is 12 volt.

BP gives a 12 calendar year confined guarantee of 90% electrical power output on the SX305. This means, just after 12 years, you can be expecting the module building at a minimum amount 90% rated energy output when you 1st put in it.

Personally, I would like a 25 years warranty period of time for the reason that my Return On Expense (ROI) on a house photo voltaic energy method will take that long. As a sweetener, BP also delivers a 2 calendar year confined guarantee on the materials and workmanship on their photo voltaic module.

How major is the SX305? The unit measurements are 9.9 x 10.6 x .9 inches and weighs about 2 lbs .. It is a very small solar module as opposed to other models in the current market. Its little dimensions and gentle excess weight will make it quite uncomplicated when setting up the solar module on the roof.

The frame of the BP photo voltaic panel is manufactured from crystal clear anodized aluminum alloy. The front panel is produced from large transmission UV evidence tampered glass 3mm thick. This is important in order to allow the most daylight by way of to the solar cells.

If you are scheduling to make a residential photo voltaic energy program by applying the SX305, you might need to have to obtain 15 to 20 units since it has a lower power output of 5 watts only. Make guaranteed you do the important calculation to decide the sizing of your roof. With that several SX305 module, you will run out of area very rapid.

The other photo voltaic elements which you may possibly have to set aside price range for are the demand controller, deep cycle batteries and a electricity inverter. By connecting the SX305 in sequence, the Immediate Recent (DC) generated will be sufficient to demand the battery financial institution of your solar method.

All in all, the BP SX305 solar panel is a smaller and economical Photovoltaic module which you can contemplate when setting up a home photo voltaic power procedure.