July 15, 2024
A Smart Country Nurtures Human Potentials

A wise country nurtures potentials and aggregates the potentials for larger contribution toward nation making. Sincere dealings encourage the spirit to perform. When the personal is determined, the spirit to carry out will direct to better contribution. A country that ignores this thought will apply nepotism, crimson tapism and corruption. It will disregard the truth that to kill the spirit is a criminal offense as significantly as it is to consider away life. Daily life with out spirit is existence without hope.

With no hope, there is no objective of existence. In the conclusion, a country that indulges in unethical dealings is sure to sustain huge liabilities arising from mismanagement of its precious human source. It will also waste big means in making an attempt to subside the expanding disappointment manifested in all sorts of anti establishment activities. The specific case from a diary evidences that one thing terribly mistaken has been done. When some thing is wrong, it is crucial to discover out the root bring about to understand why a challenge has surfaced in this fashion.

The Proof: A activity in nexus of operation like a mafia gang set my posting issue in doldrum due to the fact my returned from research overseas in September, 2007. I was retained on waitlist for three months though vacancies were being accessible. Then I was rolled into picked ministers inside a span of three months in 2008. On advertising, I was allocated Ministry for Development of North-eastern Region in 2008 centered on my ethnic qualifications even though my batch mates were being given sectors of their options. In a really peculiar and unusual way, I was denied assignment for seven months. I sat at residence creating article content on plan technique to increase support shipping. In see of this bizarre position imposed on me, I pleaded to the then Secretary, Personnel for reconsideration of my submitting to another ministry.

The then Cupboard Minister for Improvement of North-eastern Region had also asked for the then Minister, Personnel in December, 2008 to resolve my posting make a difference. The Minister, Staff verbally assured the Cupboard Minister that he would take corrective motion. Primarily based on this assure, the Cabinet Minister relieved me from his Ministry on 31st December, 2008 in the hope of a further sector allocation. The HR Section did not answer to the ease buy and did not acquire action to allocate me a further ministry. I was retained in a quite peculiar situation with out ministry allocation for 7 very long months from December 2008 to August, 2009 with no explanation.

When the hostage period of time ended thanks to intervention of the Cupboard Minister, the launch was carried out with another system to defunct me even further. In spite of non availability of vacancy in Ministry of Defence and even with availability of various vacancies in other ministries, the HR Department deliberately selected Ministry of Defence as my long term profession homeland. In buy to make the vacancy in this ministry, an officer who barely worked for one year was pulled out to empower them to article me in his spot. I took the challenge positively but the improved shipping and delivery in my assignments visibly observed by other individuals shortly became an eyesore. While I was on depart for handful of days in September, 2010, I was transferred to a defunct put up. My predecessor, who is now a retiree, knowledgeable that the only assigned obligation of this defunct article is to accompany the military officers in the tour which I diligently adhered to while I used my spare time in crafting and publishing content.

The Points: The evidences exposed that I experienced been used only for 8 months out of 42 months from October, 2007 until March, 2011. The loss of national exchequer by furnishing salary to someone with no career for 34 months is a significant concern. It also implies that a feasible asset has been turned into an NPA by consistent imposition of joblessness and defunct position for 34 months in just three and half several years. The defunct issue has produced numerous adverse situations of lifetime at prime phase of occupation that wholly negates the professed plan of defense of very well getting of citizens.

Conclusion: The root result in of the difficulty lies in the deeply entrenched social psychic aggravated by mediocre minds trapped in feudalism. An imprisoned brain is veiled with bias contemplating and lacks vision. The imprisoned head has no capacity to settle for potentials and competencies or to expand the eyesight to be inclusive in technique. It begs the concern: how can imprisoned minds be credible, dependable and clear and how can mediocre minds enable the country to realize the anticipated super electricity position?